More than just attendance

Ken Brown

WATCH a video about the Kent Chorus.

Bob Kunst has taken the same class at Kent State more than 80 times.

That class is the Kent Chorus.

The Kent Chorus is a class that students and members of the community can take together and Kunst has been a part of this Chorus since 1968 and says he hasn’t missed a beat.

“I have not missed a semester on it since,” Kunst said.

Kunst has been taking attendance for the class for over twenty years and director Scott MacPherson explains how much it has helped.

“I was amazed by what Bob does with the attendance,” MacPherson said. “It’s great to have someone like that because it takes the pressure off of me or my graduate assistant to have to take attendance.”

Student Cortney Peterson said Kunst is simply a fun guy to be around.

“Bob the attendance guy he is so funny. He is. I don’t know he’s just he’s a hoot,” Peterson said.

Kunst has put a lot of work into the class and cannot wait to see this semesters finished product.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but I think it is going to blossom out into a beautiful rose that will have a wonderful scent that people will remember forever,” Kunst said.

Cartwright Hall is where the Kent chorus works to get to for their end of the semester concert. Bob and the rest of the chorus attend a ton of rehearsals to get them to this point. It’s those rehearsals that transforms bob into bob the attendance guy.

It is more than just the music that has kept Kunst coming back to the Kent Chorus for all these years.

“It’s something beyond me it is something I can reach for that is beyond my ordinary individual grasp as just one small person,” Kunst said.