Airline expert speaks about state of the industry

Adam McParlane

Students filled Room 204 of Van Deusen Hall yesterday to listen to Grayson Cash discuss the state of airlines in today’s economy.

Cash, a first officer for Atlantic Southeast Airlines, explained to students what happened to the airlines at the beginning of the economic crisis and how they were affected by the economy’s downward spiral.

“The way that this all started, as far as the aviation world goes,” Cash said, “the cost of fuel went really high last year. The cost of aviation fuel nearly mirrors the cost per barrel of crude oil.

“So as the cost of crude oil goes up, the cost of the air fuel goes up. And as the cost of fuel goes up, that means that it costs more per seat mile to fly the aircraft. And unfortunately, the fares didn’t also go up.”

Cash also listed several factors that will aid students when they begin searching for jobs. Responsibility in all areas of life was at the top of the list, followed by staying drug-free and attending interview and résumé seminars, he said.

He also said keeping track of the industry and following the news are keys for people looking for jobs.

“The best thing you can do in this economy is to keep up to date on what’s going on in the industry,” Cash said.

Isaac Nettey, associate dean for the College of Technology, invited Cash to speak and said he was pleased with Cash’s presentation and his reinforcement of class lectures.

“One, he provided what I call the long view; the long-term perspective,” Nettey said. “Two, he provided an industry-based reinforcement of things that we have been teaching the students here. And three, he was also somebody students could relate to easily, and so that also helps drive home what we say to the students.”

ASA was founded in Atlanta, Ga., in 1979. Delta Air Lines acquired ASA in 1999 after a 15-year partnership.

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