Sherwood to lead USG

DKS Editors

Students approve referendum

Scott Sherwood, junior exercise physiology major, will lead Undergraduate Student Government as executive director beginning April 16.

He received 619 votes, and his opponent Joe Derkin, junior political science major, received 425.

A total of 1,387 students voted in today’s election, nearly 100 more students than last year’s 1,295. Last year, now-USG executive director Jonathan Bey, ran uncontested.

Students also voted to approve the referendum, 506 votes to 57 votes, to replace senators for international students, non-traditional students, diversity and one of the two senator positions for off-campus and commuter students, with four senator at-large opinions.

Results from USG elections:

Executive Director:

Winner: Scott Sherwood, 619 votes

Joe Derkin, 425 votes

Director of Community Affairs:

Winner: Adam Patterson, 759 votes

Director of Governmental Affairs:

Winner: Sean Mostov, 736 votes

Director of Academic Affairs:

Winner: Brianna Lawhorn, 638 votes

Quiera Lige, 287 votes

Director of Student Involvement:

Winner: Jared Smith, 616 votes

Marie Daher, 347 votes

Director of Communications:

Winner: Jessica Lumpp, 483 votes

Leah Brady, 298 votes

Director of Programming

Winner: Mike Szabo, 735 votes

Director of Business and Finance:

Winner: Nikole Keslar, 500 votes

John Baker, 394 votes

Director of Student Advancement:

Winner: Justin Pierce, 558 votes

Kevin Papp, 226 votes

Ronnie McArdle, 213 votes

Senator for College of the Arts:

Winner: Marilyn Schwartz, 83 votes

Senator for College of Business Administration:

Winner: Jonathan Bryan, 106 votes

Evelyn Smith, 75 votes

College of Communications and Information:

Results to be announced tomorrow for write-in candidates.

Senator for College of Education, Health and Human Services:

Winner: Leah Campbell, 146 votes

Kyle White, 40 votes

Senator for College of Arts and Sciences:

Winner: Megan Cerne, 88 votes

Amber Myers, 63 votes

Zachary Cline, 40 votes

Senator for College of Nursing:

Winner: Beshoy Henen, 39 votes

Senator for College of Technology:

Winner: Somadina Nwaokafor, 18 votes

Nicholas Trussalo, 14 votes

Senator for College of Architecture and Environmental Design:

Winner: Michael Turk, 23 votes

R. James Farrell, 22 votes

Senator for Honors College:

Winner: D. Andrew Kubena, 79 votes