Molded for a king

Ken Brown

WATCH a video about the All-Star’s custom mouth guard.

You watch NBA All-Star Lebron James and think high-flying, slam-dunk action.

Doctor Dan Brett watches James and thinks about his teeth.

Brett is president and founder of Sports Guard Laboratories in Stow, Ohio.

Sports Guard has providing atheletes across the country with custom mouth guards for more than ten years.

Brett’s ties with Lebron James’ pearly whites have carried his work as far as Bejing, China for the 2008 olympics.

“We did fabricate one for the Olympics with him it was red, white and blue with a gold U.S.A. across the front that he actually wore in the gold medal game,” Brett said.

Brett’s involvement with the sporting industry has combined his love of dentistry with his love of sports.

“It was kind of something that made dentistry for me a little bit more rewarding because I could combine the skills I learned in dental school with athletics,” Brett said.

Making mouth guards for all of Brett’s clients can be a lot of work but his reward comes when Brett gets to see his work in action.

I guess the first couple athletes made was obviously pretty exciting,” Brett said. “You know a lot of times when we saw that team playing that night we made sure we were in front of the TV and trying to get a glimpse of the mouth guard.”