What do Kent State students think of Valentine’s Day?

Ryne DiPerna

Some will spend the day excitedly awaiting an over-sized stuffed animal and candy delivery.

Others will spend it suggesting that Feb. 14 is nothing more than a holiday designed by greeting card companies.

One thing is for sure, Valentine’s Day elicits a variety of emotions for Kent State students.

Markie Weber, sophomore nursing major

“When I don’t have a boyfriend, I hate it, but when I do have a boyfriend I love it. I really just like giving and receiving gifts.”

Sarah Blakely, freshman French translation major

“I think it’s awesome. I don’t even have a boyfriend, but it just puts me in a good mood.”

Jenna Ansel, freshman paralegal major

“It’s sort of just a time for Hallmark to make money.”

Briana Simmons, sophomore early childhood education major

“It’s really pointless. I’m going to a party with a bunch of people this year, but even with a boyfriend, it’s still not that big of a deal.”

Samantha Ruff, freshman fashion merchandising major

“I think that the idea is cool, but it’s still Hallmark based. You should show your (significant other) how much you love them everyday.”

Janice Johnson, freshman psychology major

“It’s just another excuse to eat ice cream.”

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