A student’s real life fairy tale

Suzi Starheim

Freshman pre-pharmacy major Tara Yeager said she remembers a special date a high school boyfriend took her on two years ago.

Yeager said her boyfriend couldn’t take her to their school’s annual sweetheart’s dance because he had pneumonia, but he promised her he would make it up to her because she stayed home with him instead of going to the dance herself.

The following week, another local school was having a dance. Yeager said her boyfriend told her to wear her dress bought for the dance the week before and he would pick her up.

“He picked me up and he was wearing his suit,” Yeager said, “and he took me to Springfield Grille for dinner.”

Yeager said the dinner was nice because she and her boyfriend weren’t out of place at the restaurant; students from the other school who were dressed up for their own dance were eating there, too.

After dinner, Yeager said her boyfriend took her back to his house to watch a movie. A dozen roses were waiting for her on the table.

Yeager said this date was one that made her very happy because it showed her that her boyfriend simply wanted to spend time with her.

“He wanted to fix something that he wasn’t able to control,” Yeager said, “and it made me realize that he would do anything to make me happy.”

– Suzi Starheim