USG names its candidates for March elections

Five candidates run unopposed

Official candidates for the Undergraduate Student Government began campaigning Friday for the Mar. 10 elections.

The candidates:

Executive Director

Joseph P. Derkin

Scott Sherwood

Director of Community Affairs

Adam D. Patterson

Director of Governmental Affairs

Sean Mostov

Director of Academic Affairs

Brianna Lawhorn

Quiera Lige

Director of Student Involvement

Marie Daher

Jared Smith

Director of


Leah Brady

Jessica Lumpp

Director of


Michael Szabo

Director of Business and Finance

John P. Baker

Nikole E. Keslar

Director of Student Advancement

Ronnie McArdle

Kevin M. Papp

Justin Pierce

College of the Arts

Marilyn L. Schwartz

College of Business


Evelyn D. Smith

Jonathan Bryan

College of

Communication and Information

No candidates

College of Education, Health and

Human Services

Leah Campbell

Kyle White

College of Arts

and Sciences

Megan Cerne

Amber N. Myers

Zachary Cline

College of Nursing

Beshoy Henen

College of Technology

Somadina Nwaokafor

Nicholas Trussalo

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

R. James Farrell

Michael R. Turk

Honors College

D. Andrew Kubena

Only five of the 25 positions are running unopposed this year. Last year there were 14 positions that were won by default.

One of the unopposed positions last year was executive director. This year, there are two candidates who are vying for the spot.

Joseph P. Derkin, the current senator for residence hall students, and Scott Sherwood, the current director of student advancement, will be campaigning for the executive director position.

Students will be able to view campaign platforms on the TVs outside the Student Organizations office in the Student Center.

A forum, which will be announced later this week, will showcase candidates’ goals for student government.

Students can vote for candidates through Flashline on Mar. 10.

– Melissa Dilley