Meet cadets, advisers at ROTC open house tonight

Rachel Polchek

Army ROTC and National Guard will hold an open house tonight to inform students about the program.

“We’re looking for those (students) who want to be leaders,” Lt. Col. Joe Paydock said.

The open house will be 5 to 9 p.m. in the Terrace Hall Army ROTC Annex.

Students from every class year are welcome to attend the event and join the program.

“We’re looking for students to come to the Leaders Training Course this summer,” Paydock said.

The Leaders Training Course is a four-week course taken in the summer between a cadet’s sophomore and junior year. It qualifies cadets to enroll in advanced ROTC courses.

The course also allows students who are behind in the program to catch up and become juniors. A cadet must be a junior to take advanced ROTC courses.

No specific major is necessary; all are welcome. However, nurses are always needed.

“We can speak specifically about what (nurses) do,” Paydock said.

The open house will also give students the opportunity to meet cadets and advisers and speak with them about the ROTC program.

According to Paydock, ROTC has many opportunities for those students involved – tuition scholarships, monthly stipend, book money, leadership development, networking and a professional career.

“(The open house) is a non-threatening atmosphere to inform students,” Paydock said. “Even if you don’t want to commit, you’ll enjoy the time spent with us.”

– Rachel Polchek