‘Nu’ home for Sigma Nu

Elizabeth Rothman

Sigma Nu has a new place to call home.

The fraternity unveiled its 6,500 square foot house to Kent State’s Greek community Saturday for the house’s official opening. This weekend, Sigma Nu members escorted their Greek counterparts on tours of their new home.

The house, which has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, is located at the intersection of Ted Boyd and West Campus Center Drive. It is the first home opened in the new Greek Village housing development. Alumni members began the process of fundraising for the new home in 2001.

Vice president John Baker is excited to be in the new house.

“Oh yeah, we have the prime spot,” he said. “It’s good to be off University Street.”

Most of the 11 members living in the home share a room with another member. Each two bedrooms adjoin to share a large bathroom.

Mismatched furniture fills the spacious living room, much of it donated from alumni or reused from previous houses. Plans are in place for the fraternity to equip the home with a full-size kitchen, which currently lacks a stove. University policy mandates the house be alcohol free, and because it is located on university property, a resident assistant must live in the home.

Resident assistant Luke Hufstetler lives in a suite, complete with a personal bathroom, on the first floor.

“It’s a learning experience,” Hufstetler said of living with the fraternity.

Pictures of members and candidate class paddles from each pledge class surround the walls in a spacious hangout area. Members living in the house also decorated old tables and made them into artwork.

The house also includes a meeting room painted in the chapter’s black and yellow colors.

“It’s kind of a big deal we have our own room for meetings,” said Chapter President Matt Fabinak. “We don’t have to use the student center anymore.”

Members said the house will help the fraternity in fundraising efforts.

“Having the house for homecoming is key for bringing the alumni in,” Fundraiser Chair Cash Lawley said. “It makes us look a lot more professional.”

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