Darwin’s 200th birthday a weeklong celebration

Kathie Zipp

Thursday is Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, but the celebration is going on all week long at Kent State.

“Universities and other organizations around the world are hosting Darwin Day events, and Kent State is no exception,” said Daniel Sprockett, president of the Biology Graduate Student Council.

Darwin DAy Events:

&bull Today: Graduate Symposium on Darwin and Evolution

When: 7 p.m.

Where: Kiva

&bull Tomorrow: Screening of “GATTACA”

When: 7:30 p.m. (under 21 welcome until 9 p.m.)

Where: Professor’s Pub, 110 E. Main St.

&bull Thursday: Keynote address, Ohio Sen. Tom Sawyer

When: 7 p.m.

Where: Kent State Ballroom balcony

The celebration starts today. Nine graduate students will talk in the Kiva tonight, covering everything from HIV/AIDS to dance and theater to Woodrow Wilson.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts is screening the movie “GATTACA” at the Professor’s Pub Wednesday night. Sprockett said the movie will be both entertaining and educational.

“It brings to focus some of the ethical issues of biotechnology,” Sprockett said. “Working together to make sure that technology is applied properly is an important issue today.”

Then on Darwin’s actual big day, Ohio Sen. Tom Sawyer will give the keynote address in the Kiva. Sawyer’s speech will concern his experience serving on the Ohio Board of Education and his experience with the evolution education debate.

Sprockett said that because of Darwin’s broad influence, students of all disciplines can enjoy and appreciate what these events have to offer.

All interested can visit the official event site at www.darwinday.org, complete with a countdown to Darwin’s birthday.

– Kathie Zipp