Our view: It’s been great, Kent State

DKS Editors

A lot has changed in 15 weeks.

The university’s administration has continued to mold itself into Lester Lefton’s grand vision with the hiring of two new vice presidents. Pan-African Studies has finally moved into a newly renovated Oscar Ritchie Hall. Undergraduate Student Government is about to complete its first semester of work (or lack thereof) for the undergraduate student body.

Even more has changed outside the university. The economy has continued to fall into disarray. We experienced one of the most heated elections in history. And in the end, we elected a new president and an even more Democratic Congress.

We’ve been here through it all, and we hope you have been as well.

It’s been an interesting ride. We’ve had some successes, a few mistakes (after all, we are students) and a lot of feedback. Thank you to all our readers who felt moved or angered by what we had to say and felt compelled to let us know how you feel. Many of you wrote letters, commented on our Web site, stopped by the newsroom or even gave us a phone call.

There is a reason this page is called “Forum.” It isn’t – although it might seem like it sometimes – a place just for Daily Kent Stater writers to shove their views down the throats of the Kent State community. Although we’ve printed as many letters and KentNewsNet comments as we could, we constantly strive for more interaction with our readers.

We’ve made a lot of bold statements in our editorials this semester, many of which have gone unanswered. From the president of this university to USG to a first-semester freshman, we want to hear from all from you. It isn’t the editorial board that makes this page come to life. It’s you.

Although we have no more papers this semester, we still would like to hear what you have to say. You can e-mail each of us individually (our e-mails are listed on Page 2) or send a note to the entire editorial board at [email protected].

This university is filled with so many bright people and so many underrepresented points of view. We’ve tried our best to share as many as possible, but still thousands of students who don’t get to tell their stories wander through the university’s eight campuses each day.

So, do you still have something to say? Let us know, and we’ll see you in a few weeks. We’re only getting started.

The above editorial is the consensus of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.