Dear Editor:

This letter is directed to all Kent State students.

Does anyone else have problems with the Parking Services? We all know that the buses on campus are overcrowded and unreliable, so many of us choose to drive. Unfortunately, anyone who has tried to park on campus on a rainy or snowy day has to have discovered that parking on campus is sorely lacking.

Today I arrived on campus to find that every parking lot (including the visitor lot) was full, and every parking meter was occupied. Upon speaking to a Parking Services person, I was told that my only option was to park in the Ice Arena and take the bus.

Yes, brilliant idea considering that a.) I drove to avoid taking the bus and b.) I was already 20 minutes late for class.

So I was forced to just go home, missing class. Isn’t it funny how easy Kent State makes it to fail classes that we have paid so much money for? Our options are take the bus and be late to class, or drive, not find a parking spot, and miss class entirely. Way to go, Kent State University.

&mdash Kelly McKerrihan, junior secondary

education major