Eastway Center water line breaks because of temperature changes

Cody Francis

Water has been restored to complex

A water line break at the Eastway Center left residents and Dining Services employees in the complex without water for about an hour and a half yesterday.

Campus Environment and Operations worked on the line from 8 a.m. until about 2 p.m. The line break was because of the changing weather, said Shannan Booher, equipment operator for CEO.

“The freezing and unfreezing of the pipes cause most of the problems we have with water lines this time of year,” he said.

CEO knew about the break Sunday night but decided to wait until Monday morning to repair the line. Bekkah Berryhill, equipment operator for CEO, said it was to the advantage of all those involved that CEO waited until Monday morning to start the repair work.

“We were able to let them know ahead of time about what time they would be without water and approximately for how long,” she said. “This helped keep the problem from getting out of hand.”

Berryhill said the dig was “quick and efficient.”

“Sometimes these things can go on for days,” she said. “We were able to handle this fairly quickly.”

Tom Bauer, senior manager of the Eastway Café, said CEO handled the situation well.

“CEO was able to give us advanced notice about the break and we were able to collect the little bit of water we needed for the outage,” Bauer said. “We were fortunate to have them handle it so quickly.”

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