Students prove they have it at rec’s second late night event

Melissa Sidebotham

Endurance and ability tested at G.U.T.S.

Eric Ristow | TV2 News

Teams competed in six events that tested their endurance and athletic ability in an attempt to win the trophy, a glowing piece of the Aggro Crag.

Freshman education major Nick Greenwood snapped the handlebars off a tricycle 10 minutes into the Madd Trax competition.

“I’m a little bigger than I thought,” he said.

Ryan Montgomery, senior business administration major and Stacks On Deck team member, also had broken handlebars. He said it was very difficult to ride the tricycle since he wasn’t able to hold on. He had duct tape around his ankle from the army crawl and both of his knees were burned and bleeding.

“He bled for our team!” said Geoff Quinn, senior accounting and computer information sciences major.

Wes Whitesid, junior physical education major, also had difficulties in his event.

Whitesid had to make his way through the Elastic Jungle in the event Basic Training, which was a wooden structure with bungee cords attached to it.

“You had to find the right spot to get through it,” he said.

He had trouble “finding the spot” when he started bleeding and was clotheslined by the Elastic Jungle.

“It felt like somebody grabbed me and snatched me back,” he said in response to diving right into the structure.

Other events seemed to be safer throughout the night.

Seth Holland, senior accounting major and Semper Fi team member, took second place in Totally Tubular, a swimming event where players had to get a flag while on an inner tube. Holland showed his pride by wearing a Speedo in the event.

The Aggro Crag, though, drew the biggest audience. The rock-climbing wall was transformed with colors of purple and blue while smoke and fake boulders were dropped on players climbing the wall.

Quinn admitted that with boulders being thrown at him, it made his climb harder. He also tucked in his shirt so he was able to put the flags in it without dropping them and getting penalized.

Dan Feathers, freshman business major and Semper Fi team member, also competed in the Aggro Crag. He said he wanted to be like a rat climbing up the wall. His hands hurt while he was climbing up the wall, but that didn’t stop him.

“I was in the zone,” he said.

In the backdrop of G.U.T.S., 15 students participated in a pizza-eating contest. Students had to eat three pieces of pizza as quickly as possible.

Hamish Wallace, freshman flight technology major, took first place in the contest. When asked if he knew he could win a pizza-eating contest, Wallace confidently replied “hell yeah!”

Dan Prater, senior physical education major and Full Of Ourselves team member, took second. Prater thought he was going to take first place until he couldn’t swallow all of the pizza he managed to shove in his mouth.

“I was pretty cocky until I choked on the crust,” he said.

After the pizza-eating contest and two and a half hours of competing, the winners were announced. The team Vicious and Delicious took third, and Skeleton Pajamas took second.

Matt Veith, senior architecture major and Skeleton Pajamas team member, said second place was better than nothing.

“I will take bling any day,” he said, holding the runner-up medal around his neck.

Beetus won first place with a Kent State G.U.T.S. record of 59,500 points.

All six team members of Beetus are architecture majors and said that winning G.U.T.S. was their childhood dream come true. They also said they were going to keep their Aggro Crag trophy in the architecture studio so everyone could see it.

“Michael Phelps wins the Olympics, but I won the Aggro Crag,” sophomore architecture major Gabriel Fey said.

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