High School radio station back on air

Kristen Traynor

Alternative rock station WSTB is back on air.

The station returned at about 5:30 Thursday night, according to Michael Berner, Streetsboro High School principal.

Berner said the students continued to work at the station even after administrators took 88.9 FM off air in October.

The Federal Communication Commission has a rule that any station off-air for thirty days must get special permission to return to air, according to the FCC website. The station went back on just before this time period ran out.

The principal said the reason for the delay in returning to air was upgrading software and linking it to the school district’s computer system.

“We didn’t want to rush the process,” Berner said.

Principal Berner said the school administrators wanted to make sure everything worked properly before the station went back on air.

The Alter-nation, as the station is known, operated separately from the school for about ten years, but now that it’s part of the school, students working at the station will be supervised by a teacher at all times.

The school district is in the process of hiring a certified teacher to supervise the students when general manager Bob Long cannot be there.

Oldies Jukebox will return this weekend as well, after a brief stint on a John Carroll University station.

The station was taken off air October 13th after an incident involving photographs of former students. Photographs of students in the vicinity of alcohol appeared on the station’s website.

&mdash Kristen Traynor