‘Talk Sex’ host to speak at Sextoberfest tonight

Cody Francis

Johanson will answer students’ questions

Credit: DKS Editors

Anyone who has ever flipped through channels late at night may have come across an interesting show with an elderly woman, sex toys and small dolls used to simulate sexual positions. Well, she’ll be here tonight.

Sue Johanson the host of the show “Talk Sex,” will be the featured Sextoberfest speaker tonight in the Student Center Ballroom. Johanson will give a speech on the history and biology of sex as well as STD prevention before holding a question and answer format similar to that of the show.

Audience members can write down questions at the beginning of the show that Johanson will answer after her speech. Some students already have their questions prepared.

“I have always wondered about multiple orgasms in females, so I’ll probably ask her something about that,” junior economics major Aaron Ring said. “I also want to know how she knows all of this information about sex.”

Ashleigh Newberry, vice president of programming and development for Kent Interhall Council, said it was not easy to get Johanson to come to Kent State.

“I worked on booking her for most of the summer,” Newberry said. “It took me a couple weeks to find a promoter’s contact information online, and then I went through a ton of people until someone finally was able to actually help.”

Newberry said the hard work put into booking Johanson was well worth her time.

“Students are going to enjoy it because she is one of the most well-known personalities in her field,” she said. “Who hasn’t channel surfed at night and saw this little old lady holding a banana and talking about oral sex?”

Students who are going to see Johanson are all familiar with her work, and her famous name is one of the reasons they are excited about Sextoberfest this year.

“I am a fan of her show and when I heard she was coming this year there was no way I was going to miss it,” Ring said.

Newberry said Johanson is not here just to entertain the students, but to “raise the awareness of ignorance” students have toward sex.

“Just because you are having sex doesn’t mean you know the ins and outs of it,” she said. “This will help students learn things they don’t know about something they think they know everything about.”

Johanson will also have a segment in her speech that gives students information on arousing their partners.

“She is going to clarify myths for students on the different ways of arousal,” Newberry said.

“I am just excited to see her because I think it will be interesting to hear her answers to whatever questions we can come up with,” Ring said. “I hope she brings her sex dolls.”

No word was available as to whether or not Johanson will be accompanied by her famous dolls.

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