The art of chance

Nicole Alkens

Finding love after first impressions

We are all accustomed to the typical movie romance timeline: Boy meets girl through unconventional circumstances, boy and girl fall madly in love, then through the course of the story either a) stay madly in love or b) fall apart tragically.

In “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” the chance meeting is a crucial part in the plot of the movie as Norah convinces Nick to be her “boyfriend for five minutes” after just meeting him at a music venue. This encounter sets the stage for an eventful night, and ultimately, a new relationship.

But circumstance isn’t just for the big screen.

Because a majority of people meet their significant others through work or school, after seeing these unusual encounters play out on the big screen, we’re forced to ask ourselves, “Does that really happen?” The answer, surprisingly, is a resounding “yes.”

Rae Burke, senior art history major, said her story involves a boy, an overly loving dog and some unwanted affection.

Burke said she was minding her own business while walking on campus one day when her chance encounter occurred. Being loved is a high priority to most people, but the love Burke felt on that day came in a way she never expected-from a dog.

The dog obviously felt a fiery passion for Burke long before his owner, who would later become Burke’s boyfriend, could even contemplate a relationship with the stranger whose leg his dog was expressing his feelings on.

After this unorthodox interaction between the three, Burke and the dog’s owner dated for three months. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out, much to the dismay of the dog.

Sophomore psychology major Carissa Burks’ story is the typical tale of “mother knows best,” only in an incredibly awkward way.

It’s one thing for a mother to give her daughter’s phone number away to a friend’s son or even someone she works with, but to give it away to a complete stranger is a different scenario altogether – one that Burks found herself in.

Over the summer, while eating dinner with some friends in Cleveland, Burks’ mother thought her 26-year-old waiter would be a perfect match for her admittedly desperate daughter.

The situation became even more awkward when Burks got a text message from the guy, and they happened to be at the same mall, simply by chance. Even though they met under odd circumstances, Burks found him to be surprisingly normal. After the meeting at the mall, the two began to talk and a summer love flourished.

As proven, love can be found in even the most ridiculous situations. Whether it involves puppy love, parental control or just hanging out at the local band’s show, don’t quit looking for love – you never know where you might find it.

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