Letters to the Editor: Boycott Route 59 Sheetz until Election Day

Dear Editor,

I think the Stater has done a wonderful job this year covering an array of topics. One particular story which has caught my attention is the proposal of a new Sheetz gas station. For those readers not familiar with Kent outside of campus, Sheetz already has a station in Kent east of campus on Route 59. I feel that another gas station in Kent is unnecessary. According to driving directions I generated from Mapquest.com, the distance between the proposed new Sheetz location and the current Sheetz is 1 3/4 miles; not to mention that there is already a Circle K gas station three blocks from the proposed site.

We should show our support for the two dozen residents of Kent that stood up to this Pennsylvania corporation. If we boycott the Sheetz station in Route 59 until after Election Day, then our collective voice will be heard. Another gas station will flood the market in a town that cannot even support three grocery stores, see the boarded-up former Tops location on Route 43 south of downtown. Please, if nothing else, remember the carbon footprint that would be created by constructing a 5,000-square-foot gas station and the blight it would be on the neighborhood.

William Robinson,

senior general studies major