Getting a taste of the ‘Apple Tree’

Pamela Crimbchin

Speedbumps prepare for album release show

Credit: DKS Editors

The Speedbumps will release its highly anticipated new album, “Apple Tree,” this Friday at 8 p.m. at the Kent Stage in downtown Kent.

“We want this to be a concert not necessarily for money,” said Micah Manus, manager of The Speedbumps. “It’s to show appreciation of the album being done. We want people to show up and really enjoy the music.”

Lead singer Erik Urycki said although it’s the album release show, CDs sold that night are more of a “prerelease.”

“We made 250 albums for that night, and we will release the album in the upcoming weeks,” he said.

The group is planning to release the album officially Nov. 11 to fans via iTunes and other online sites. CDs will also be available at some local music stores and at The Speedbumps’ concerts.

“Apple Tree” has been in production since the completion of The Speedbumps’ first album, “Back to Burlington.”

Urycki said the album is a collaboration of songs that he wrote over the past couple of years. Similarly, he said the band has taken a couple years to work on it.

Band members agree that “Apple Tree” is not a sequel to the band’s first album.

“It’s really diverse as far as trying to pigeon hole it to a certain genre,” drummer Pat Hawkins said.

Urycki said that the album is more upbeat, but “it’s not going to blow anybody’s ear drums out.”

One of the biggest differences is that “Apple Tree” will feature all four of the band’s members.

“This album has all of us as a unit,” Hawkins said. “We’ve been playing as a band together for about a year and a half now.”

The Speedbumps have already received Facebook and MySpace messages from fans and other bands coming from other parts of Ohio, excited to get their first taste of the “Apple Tree.”

As for Friday’s show, Manus hinted at some surprises that may take place.

“(There will be) some guests and something that a lot of people won’t be expecting,” Manus said.

Singer and songwriter Randy Horvath will open the show. A rare acoustic set from The Doctor Teeeth will follow.

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