Former student pleads guilty to felonious assault

Kelly Pickerel

Sarae Chaney, previously a Kent State student, filed a written guilty plea Sept. 24 concerning an incident at Allerton Apartments in the spring.

According to reports, Chaney, 19, was arrested March 2 at 4 a.m. for allegedly attacking Nastacia Randleman with a hammer at the apartment complex. She pleaded not guilty to felonious assault, a felony of the second degree, during her arraignment March 10 at the Portage County Common Pleas Court.

In April, a grand jury found Chaney received stolen property and committed forgery. According to court documents, Chaney stole Randleman’s Huntington National Bank debit/credit card and spent $1,091.66 at a Sheetz gas station and a Wal-Mart on Feb. 25 and 26. Receiving stolen property and forgery are both felonies of the fifth degree.

Officially charged with three felonies, Chaney filed a written plea of guilty in September only for felonious assault.

Dennis Lager, Portage County public defender chief, said the stolen property and forgery charges were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

Previously, on July 1, Chaney requested to file a written not guilty by reason of insanity plea. An examination was conducted at the Summit County Psycho-Diagnostic Clinic. The insanity plea was withdrawn when Chaney filed the new plea of guilty on Sept. 24.

“They made the determination she wasn’t legally insane so it went by the wayside,” Lager said. “It was determined not to be a viable defense.”

Chaney is currently on a $100,000 bond until the Adult Probation Department determines her sentencing date. Felonious assault comes with a two- to eight-year sentence.

Lager said the investigation takes about four weeks to complete, and Chaney should have her sentencing within the next week.

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