Rally for red in Ohio

Heather Vitale

Republicans vow not to repeat Obama’s mistakes

“Ohio, are you ready to help us carry this state to victory?” Sarah Palin asked yesterday afternoon at the Green Memorial Stadium. More than 500 Republicans huddled together at the Road to Victory Rally to listen to John McCain and Sarah Palin explain their plan for jobs, taxes, oil and the economy.

“This election is going to come right down to the wire,” Palin said. “The next 13 days will decide who becomes president. Are you ready to shake up Washington?”

Palin said it’s not negative campaigning when you call someone out. She said Obama is hiding his agenda of redistributing everyone’s hard-earned money.

“John McCain and I have a different plan,” she said. “We’re for a real tax cut and will take less of your earnings in the first place. We’ll bring tax relief to every American and business and cut business taxes so we can keep American businesses in America.”

She said the United States may not be a perfect nation, but it learns from its mistakes.

“There is only one man in this campaign that has ever really fought for you,” Palin said. “Only one man with the courage to keep fighting for you.”

John McCain said Obama’s tax plan is seen as “welfare.” He is more interested in who gets a piece of the pie than growing the pie, McCain said.

“In this country, we believe in spreading opportunity and that’s what I plan to do as president of the United States,” he said. “This weekend Senator Biden guaranteed we’ll have an international crisis if Obama is elected. He will be tested. I will not be a president who needs to be tested.”

McCain said the United States can’t spend the next four years like the last eight have been spent. He said he will make sure to take care of the working people.

“If I’m, I mean, when I’m elected president, I won’t spend a trillion dollars more of your money. Obama will,” McCain said. “This explosion of spending has put us into debt.”

“I know my history lessons and I won’t repeat the same mistakes like Obama will,” he said. “I know you’re worried. We’re at a moment of crisis. Don’t give up hope. Be strong,” McCain said, giving one final wave to the roaring crowd as he finished.

Each member of the crowd was a proud Republican dressed in red, white or blue.

Kent State graduate Steve Parker said he came to the rally to support his local area. He said he thinks McCain is greatly experienced and agrees with a lot of his issues.

Michael Gaijer of Akron came to support his party. His biggest concern is the issue of creating new jobs and new industry to keep this country going.

“Everyone can’t work in an office,” he said.

Madelyn Sweeney traveled from North Canton to hear the candidates speak.

“I’m here because I have the biggest Republican mother in the world,” Sweeney said. “I think our country is going to be safer. Look what McCain did for his country, and Palin, I think she rocks too. They will shake things up in Washington.”

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