IMDB isn’t the only place for movie fans on the Web

Jackie McLean

Rotten Tomatoes offers a variety of movie information

Need information on current movie releases? Looking for movie showtimes and ticket information? is the answer. This Web site allows users to expand their movie knowledge through nine different links – home, movies, DVD, celebrities, news, critics, trailers and pictures, the vine and forums.

The home link lists information about the top movies at the box office. Users can find out which movies scored big money and which movies flopped.

The movies link lists a little bit of everything – opening movies, upcoming movies and movies that have been released. Once a user clicks on a particular movie, they can read its synopsis, actors, rating and running time. The site even provides information about movies that won’t be released for a few months. (Because of this feature, I usually know which movies are coming out this year before most people do.)

Next, the DVD link lists the top DVDs of the week. The DVD tab evenlets users know what DVDs will be coming out for the following week and beyond. This is a plus, especially for movie fans who didn’t get to see a specific movie in theaters and are waiting for the film to be released on DVD.

The celebrity link is pretty unique in that the user can actually find out what movies their favorite celebrities like. Paris Hilton and Dane Cook were two of this week’s featured celebrities. Director exclusives are also listed under this link.

The news link displays current news in the film industry. Users can also find interviews in addition to movie news.

The critics link provides movie reviews by both professional and user critics. Freelance writer Ed Gonzalez and London-based journalist Rich Cline are two of the professional critics featured.

The trailers and pictures link is pretty self-explanatory. Users can view movie trailers and photos for any movie of their choice.

The vine link enables users to sign up for personal journal publishing and social networking through

Finally, the forum link allows registered users to participate in a number of discussions on a range of subjects. Some of the discussion boards include the topics of comic books, movies, DVDs and movie games that test users’ movie knowledge.

Users also can find information for tickets and showtimes by typing the name of the film in the search bar at the top of every page.

Overall, this site is very easy to use and provides all kinds of information that any movie fan would appreciate.

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