Two recall petitions insufficient

Kristen Kotz

Three council members face resignation or special election

Three of the five petitions asking for the recall of city council members were certified by City Clerk Linda Copley yesterday. The numbers of valid signatures on the other two petitions were found to be insufficient.

The petitions for Ward 2 councilman Jack Amrhein, Ward 6 councilwoman Tracy Wallach and Ward 5 councilwoman Heidi Shaffer were certified by Copley. The council members were notified about the petitions yesterday. According to the Kent City Charter, the three members can resign in the next five days or a special election will be held within 60 to 75 days.

Shaffer said she does not plan to resign and believes she and the other two council members being recalled will band together.

“I am going to keep doing the best job I can until I am either voted back into office or voted out,” Shaffer said.

She also added that if any of the council members are voted out, their successor will be chosen by the acting council members.

There were not enough valid signatures on the petitions asking for the recall or resignation of at-large council members Rick Hawksley and Mike Deleone as of yesterday. The petitioners will be notified if their petitions are insufficient today, and will have 20 days to secure the number of additional signatures.

The petitions for the recall of Hawksley and Deleone each needed 340 signatures. Hawksley’s had 333 valid signatures while Deleone’s had 330.

Efforts to recall seven of nine city councils were started in September after council voted to place a .5 percent reduction in the income tax for those people working outside Kent but living in the city. Though council voted to amend the reciprocity, petitions asking for the recall of five city council members were submitted Oct. 20.

&mdash Kristen Kotz