Ease your mind during the autumn months

Laura Lofgren


Credit: DKS Editors

Two-thirds of the semester have flown by, and projects and papers are nearing due dates. Soon it will be time for final exams. These times of stress and anxiety can overwhelm even the most persevering mind. There is a form of therapy that can soothe the mind and body and take some of the tension away.

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic remedy that uses essential plant oils for physical and psychological well-being, according to Aromaweb.com, a Web site that provides information about aromatherapy. Diluted oil is applied and absorbed into the skin and enters the bloodstream, causing a feeling of calm or other emotions, depending on which oil is used. The oil scents can also be inhaled, causing an immediate reaction in the brain.

Carla Horoszko, owner of Carla Bella Day Spa in Brecksville, said there are different oils to relieve different anxieties.

The most popular and most expensive plant oil at Horoszko’s spa is rose oil. It is used as an astringent to help fight aging skin and can be used to relieve stress and depression.

Another oil is derived from patchouli, a bushy herb from the mint family, which can relieve acne, fatigue, oily skin and stress, according to Aromaweb.com.

“Patchouli pulls out all the negative; it pulls out emotion,” Horoszko said. “Some clients cry during their massage.”

The plant oils used during massages are usually diluted because pure plant oil can be harsh on the skin.

Horoszko said some oils, such as the oil of oregano, should never be put directly on the skin, as it can cause serious harm to the body.

One should take caution before using aromatherapy. According to Aromaweb.com, less is more when it comes to oil application. Oils are not edible and are flammable. The Web site warns that aromatherapy is a medicinal practice and should not be used without knowledge of the subject.

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