Our favorite (TV) time of year

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Fall TV offers everything from humbled bratty teens to ghosts

“The Office”

The season finale left us with an arrested Ryan (B.J. Novak), a new HR rep, a pregnant Jan (Melora Hardin) and an engagement ring that didn’t make it to Pam’s (Jenna Fischer) finger.

In the new season we’re most likely going to see Michael (Steve Carell) in a love triangle that he can’t get out of and more of a dangling carrot with Pam and Jim’s (John Krasinski) engagement.

Spoilers are saying that the staff will try to lose weight in an attempt to lower health care costs, and the staff is also going to have to take business ethics training thanks to Ryan’s arrest.

All in all, there’s no doubt we’ll be laughing at Dunder Mifflin’s inner workings the whole time. Check out the one-hour premiere of “The Office” at 9 p.m. on Sept. 25 on NBC.

&mdash Robert Checkal

“Grey’s Anatomy”

Season four of “Grey’s Anatomy” ended with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Dr. Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) rekindling their relationship and falling in love all over again.

A shattered Alex (Justin Chambers) kissed Izzie (Katherine Heigl) and asked her to stay with him for the night. George (T. R. Knight) kissed Lexie (Chyler Leigh) out of the excitement of getting to retake his intern exam.

These are only some of the relationship issues that will overflow into season five.

The premiere of the fifth season should be nothing short of mind-blowing, with problems in relationships and the start of new romances all tied up in the drama of a hospital.

Check out the two-hour premiere of season five of “Grey’s Anatomy” beginning at 9 p.m. at Sept. 25 on ABC. Don’t miss the excitement.

&mdash Nicole Aikens

“Ugly Betty”

As season two of “Ugly Betty” came to a close, Betty (America Ferrara) was forced to choose between a marriage proposal from Henry (Christopher Gorham) and an offer to travel to Italy with Gio (Freddy Rodriguez). However, according to a report on TVGuide.com, neither Gorham nor Rodriguez is slated to return for the upcoming season.

So, as the season ended with Betty preparing to travel somewhere, it seems likely she will decide to go out on her own. And with TV Guide’s report of a new love interest, the show’s heroine will probably move

on quickly.

With Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) taking over “Mode” magazine while anticipating her “heir” to the Meade throne from her dead “almost husband,” and Daniel’s illegitimate love child on the scene, it appears that the drama will be turned up for everyone.

Both ridiculous and heart-warming, “Ugly Betty” will be back for a third season, premiering at 8 p.m. on Sept. 25

on ABC.

&mdash Meghan Bogardus


Always Sunny in


The gang’s low-standard shenanigans are back and getting lower for season four of “It’s Always Sunny.”

After the Paddy’s crew’s three seasons of characteristically cracked-out humor, outdoing themselves is the task at hand.

FX testifies that nothing is off limits during this 13-episode season, citing death, singing and pooping as some plot lines.

The show with a growing underground fan base is still not sold at most movie-rental stores, but is expected to pick up a more considerable audience with this season.

This comedic gem that has been compared to a more outrageous Seinfeld because the friends’ off-the-wall, sometimes disgraceful, adventures were created by three of the main actors – making the show all the more authentically hilarious.

“It’s Always Sunny” premieres on FX at 10 p.m. on Sept. 18, with two new back-to-back episodes.

&mdash Brenna McNamara

“Ghost Hunters”

SciFi’s “Ghost Hunters” takes its audience on frightening examinations of the nation’s most haunted locations using visual and audio devices to prove or disprove paranormal activity.

During the season premiere on Sept. 3, The Atlantic Paranormal Society team (TAPS) investigated Iron Island Museum in New York, where owners have reported black masses,

voices and footsteps.

Investigators Chris and Chris were the first inside. A bolted front door opened and shut itself quickly.

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson began performing electronic voice phenomena (EVP) work in the living room when they heard footsteps from above.

After they stuck their heads into the small attic, they saw a dark mass blocking out the light coming through the stained glass window.

Tango, another team member, went inside the attic to communicate with the entity, nicely at first and then aggressively. He reported seeing and hearing nothing.

The team left shortly after to go over the evidence they had collected. They concluded that no one was there to open and shut the door.

After some average EVPs, Tango and Steve Gonsalves revealed a shockingly clear EVP.

Tango was in the attic, where he supposedly saw and heard nothing, but the EVP revealed something different. An older man’s voice, deep and filled with remorse, said, “Leave me alone.”

“Ghost Hunters” airs at 9 p.m. Wednesdays on the SciFi channel.

&mdash Pamela Crimbchin

MTV’s “Exiled”

Meet Alex, Amanda, Ava, Bjorn, Chelsi, Marissa Mishelle, Meleny and Sierra. You may remember these spoiled teens from the hit MTV show “My Super Sweet 16.”

Unfortunately, these bratty teens have not changed their outrageous behavior since the show ended, and their parents are fed up with their

continuous mooching.

So, MTV, with some help from the parents, are giving these eight former sweet sixteeners a reality check by sending them to live in a Third World country, hoping they will return with valuable life lessons.

“Exiled” premiered on Aug. 25 at 10:30 p.m. The first episode was hilarious as Amanda got plucked from her hometown of Ocala, Fla., and shipped to the plains of Kenya, where she lived as a member of the Massai tribe for one week.

She encountered hot and humid days, tons of ticks and some good old-fashioned hard work.

The second episode continued to impress when Ava, from Beverly Hills, Calif., was sent to live in the jungles of Thailand. Ava, who is petrified of bugs, had to spend her nights in a mosquito net surrounded by huge water beetles, among other insects.

Watching these prissy girls be completely taken out of their comfort zone has been very entertaining.

As for the rest of the season, I expect to see more complaining, more over-sized bugs, more animals slaughtered right before our very eyes and more poop.

Future featured locations include the tundra of the Arctic Circle, the Andes Mountains and remote islands in the South Pacific.

Can these eight sweet sixteeners survive this experience? Will they learn some life lessons and change their spoiled ways? You be the judge.

“Exiled” airs at 10:30 on Monday on MTV so definitely check it out.

&mdash Jackie McLean