KSU Board of Trustees to meet, discuss finances

Ben Wolford

Kent State investment advisers will meet with Board of Trustees committees today, two days after the Dow Jones industrial average fell 504.48 points.

“If you look at what happened to the market (Monday), this is a timely presentation,” said Yank Heisler, former interim vice president for finance and administration.

The advisers will report on the university’s investment portfolio to the Audit Committee and the Finance and Administration Committee.

“We’re allowing them a fairly good amount of time on the Finance Committee meeting,” Heisler said.

Decision items put to the board today include authorizing renovations to Van Campen Hall for the Center for Turkish Studies. The renovations are part of an agreement reached in May with Bah‡esehir University in Istanbul, Turkey, to establish the center.

Also up for approval by the board is the purchase of a property between the university and downtown Kent, west of Lincoln Street.

“We have as a long-term direction that where properties become available in that area, Lincoln West is what I call it, we will consider the acquisition,” Heisler said.

The board will also decide on the establishment of three degrees: a master of science in Hospitality and Tourism Management, an associate of Technical Studies in Urban Environment Management Technology and a bachelor of Applied Horticulture at the Kent State Salem Campus.

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