Big Brother is watching in Caruso’s ‘Eagle Eye’

Robert Checkal

Movie piles on the effects, makes viewers’ hearts race

Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) are two unsuspecting strangers who are thrown into a whirlwind plot that involves every technology known to man . and then some. Similar to George Orwell’s “1984,” Big Brother is everywhere, making it ideal to stream information in real time-on anyone, anything, anywhere at anytime. After receiving phone calls from an unknown woman, both characters must dodge bullets, multiple car pileups, cranes, planes and authority. In a short period of time, they’re named the most wanted people in America for terrorism while an unknown source secretly controls every movement the two make. As the plot moves along, Jerry and Rachel are left grasping for the real reason as to why they’ve been “activated.”

Eagle Eye is a thrill ride from start to finish. With special effects that will blow your mind, edge-of-the-seat suspense, and constant decisions between fight versus flight, a heart attack is not out of the question. As more and more action and disaster pile up, you continue to ask how much more Caruso can possibly throw at you. The answer is more, much more. The intelligently-designed action/thriller includes cut-throat performances from LaBeouf and Monaghan that will not leave them out of the loop during awards season.

Bring your heart medicine, secure yourself in the upright position and don’t disobey orders from your cell phone– – you’ve just been activated.

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