Kent residents respond to recent vice presidential selections

Holly Schoenstein

Students like Biden and his experience as senator, claim choice was a ‘smart move’

In the historical presidential election of Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain, many voters are undecided as to which candidate will receive their votes.

On the Democratic side, many voters have said that Obama’s lack of experience is unbefitting a potential president.

So will his pick of Joe Biden as his running mate for vice president prompt the citizens of Kent to make up their minds?

Even before Biden’s nomination junior fashion major Anna Shonk had decided to vote for Obama. But she sees how his pick for vice president may make a difference.

“For the people who were nervous about (Obama’s) experience, this may ease some people’s doubts,” Shonk said.

Sophomore business major Aaron Barthels discounts Biden’s additional experience.

“I don’t think it has much pull. McCain has been in politics for a couple more years than Barack Obama has,” Barthels said.

Kent resident Brett Lancy, 21, is taking a break this semester from attending Ohio University. He said Biden will have a greater effect on how he votes than McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin will.

Even if the vice presidential nominations do not make up undecided voters’ minds or sway voters one way or another, some Kent residents and students say they believe Biden will add value to decision making in the White House.

“I think (the choice of Biden) was a smart move, actually, because they were saying Barack is young and McCain is older with experience. But now Barack has an older vice president to give him advice on certain issues from experience,” Barthels said.

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