Buying books can be expensive, but options are available

Arielle Williams

Shopping around for textbooks can help you find the best deal

Buying books for classes is one of a student’s first milestones.

“I remember the first time I had to buy books,” senior advertising major Nick Satow said. “I paid almost $700, and five of the books I got were for just one class.”

The whole thing can be a bit jarring at first. Paying $500 or $600 for books for one semester may not be desirable, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Students usually need books to pass their classes, and even buying books from a Web site can add up to a high cost.

Students do have a few options when it comes to buying textbooks.

Kent State has three bookstores on or near campus, and each has a different selection and method for selling its products.

At Campus Book and Supply, located on South Lincoln Street, there’s a long counter where students can hand bookstore employees their schedule. The workers will then retrieve the books.

DuBois Book Store, also located on South Lincoln Street, uses an assembly line concept. Students are called to the main counter, where bookstore employees pull their books and send them to a checkout counter. Students then retrieve their books at the checkout counter. To purchase books, photo identification is needed.

At the University Bookstore in the Student Center, books are categorized by subject. Students can find their own books by using their course numbers, sections and the names of their instructors. Bookstore employees are there to help if needed.

Textbook prices at these three stores vary.

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