Organizing your space well can be key to sharing a dorm room

Katie Garland

Loftable furniture gives residents many options for living arrangements

Sharing a room is something many students experience for the first time when they go to college. Sharing a small room might seem like the end of the world, but there are ways to organize the room to create more space.

Kent State has 24 residence halls. Sixteen of those 24 are available for freshmen, and 13 of those 16 have loftable furniture.

“The loftable furniture can be manipulated in many different ways to make more space in the rooms,” said David Taylor, housing and management coordinator.

For example, the bed can be left on the ground, bunked or lofted.

“If students loft their beds over their desks it creates a private workspace in their room for them to do their homework,” Taylor said.

Stores such as Target and Bed Bath & Beyond also sell storage containers for students.

“Flat and wide containers are good for under-the-bed storage that can be used even when the beds are just on the ground,” Taylor said.

Other types of items can help with organization as well.

“Using extra hooks or hanging storage space helps to organize closets,” said Brittney Sloan, senior interior design major.

Students should talk to all roommates before they move in and decide who will bring what. Taylor said one of the biggest problems he sees is students with duplicates of things they don’t need.

Every room comes with a bed, desk, closet and dresser. Each hall has different room dimensions and shapes.

“One of the best things to do is find out all the measurements of furniture and the room and try to figure out how you want the room set up when you move in,” Sloan said. “It isn’t easy to move furniture after you move all your stuff in.”

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