KSU graduate hopes to see change in America

Tim Jacobs

While many Americans see patriotism as flags, barbecues, hands over hearts and “freedom,” David Ede sees patriotism through a different lens.

To Ede, a Kent State graduate, patriotism means working to educate others to make society better for everyone, instead of just for the individual.

“What I believe is patriotic is teaching your kids (not only) the Pledge of Allegiance, but teaching what it means to be a citizen as opposed to just someone who lives here,” Ede said. “You want to better yourself, your family and your country. You want to make our air cleaner, our roads more drivable and you want more people with health care.”

Ede said he wants America to focus on fixing its own domestic problems before intervening in world affairs. He described the government’s current international policies as “unpatriotic and abusing power.”

Another big concern Ede has is gun control, stemming from the armed robbery in February on University Drive. He said he thinks if the government were to ban guns completely, then citizens would be more vulnerable to criminals.

“I think if I can go through a background check and honestly acquire a weapon and have it registered with the government, I think I should be allowed to do that to defend myself and my family because, let’s face it, the police response is inadequate,” Ede said. “There’s a lot of things inadequate about our government and sometimes individuals need to step up and fill that gap.

“If the government takes away everyone’s guns, then only honest citizens will turn in those guns and criminals can run free.”