The true patriotic American pastime

Darren D'Altorio

The state of patriotism in Kent


Credit: DKS Editors

Fireworks are a reason for people to get together as one and celebrate patriotism, said John Sorgi, owner of American Fireworks Co. in Hudson.

Patriotism has changed a lot over the years, Sorgi said. There is more controversy about patriotism because of the war and people not knowing what they want with the situation, but it is all about the love of our country, he said.

“Anything that can bring people together and unite people in terms of a celebration is huge,” Sorgi said.

The American Fireworks Co. was far from American when it was founded in Italy by Sorgi’s great-grandparents. It wasn’t until his grandmother immigrated to America and brought the spirit of the family business with her that the American Fireworks Co. was born, thus furthering the notion that fireworks and American patriotism go hand in hand.

“That’s why they chose the name American Fireworks, because they were so proud of (America),” Sorgi said.

At the American Fireworks retail store, long lines form every day leading up to the July 4 celebrations. From senior citizens to little kids, everyone has a smile on his or her face, Sorgi said.

True patriotism exists in little kids who wear red, white and blue and have an innocent outlook on life, before their views get skewed because this politician wants this or that, Sorgi said.

When people are at the fireworks store or at the fireworks show on the Fourth of July they aren’t thinking about politics, war or approval ratings, he said.

“When adults come in the store it’s like they are big kids,” Sorgi said. “Wives are yelling at husbands for buying too many fireworks. It is a fun environment.”

Patriotism is being proud to be an American, he said.

What better way to be proud than by expressing it with fire in the sky?

“There are not many people that don’t like fireworks,” Sorgi said. “People tend to like explosives. Anything that has that appeal to a lot of people is good for our country.”