Credit union closes

Sarah Steimer

Patrons of Student Center location can use main branch

The Kent State Student Credit Union located in the Student Center will be closing May 9, but thanks to its merger with the Kent Credit Union two years ago, students can still do their banking at the main branch on Rhodes Road.

The Student Center branch closing will not affect students’ banking because the merger made it possible for students to use either the Student Center or the Rhodes Road office.

Kent State decided it wanted to use the space for something other than the credit union, said Joe Crawfis, Kent State Student Credit Union CEO. He said the credit union never had a formal agreement with the university about the space it occupies.

“We’ve been negotiating for several months, but the university couldn’t provide any other space,” Crawfis said.

Crawfis said the past couple of years have been a good transition period. Merging the Student Credit Union with the Rhodes Road location moved a lot of traffic out of the Student Center.

Since then, he said, students have gotten used to new banking habits.

None of the Student Credit Union employees will be losing a job. All of those employees work for the Kent Credit Union, meaning they work for the Student Center branch as well as other branches. After the closing, employees will continue working for the other offices.

“It’s unfortunate that it had to work out this way,” Crawfis said, but he explained that the Rhodes Road location can be just as convenient for students.

All paychecks formerly picked up at the Student Credit Union are now to be picked up at the Bursar’s Office. For any other questions, students are to call (330) 678-2274.

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