Relationships and dating discussed tonight in Michael Schwartz auditorium

Brittany Wasko

Sex Signals, a national touring improv and comedic show that portrays real-life issues with dating in college, will be performed at 7 p.m. tonight in the auditorium of the Michael Schwartz Center.

Townhall II, an organization that promotes the health, wellness and recovery of individuals and communities through prevention, education, advocacy, intervention and treatment, is cosponsoring the event.

Melissa Satyshur, sexual assault prevention specialist at Townhall II, said the show is a combination of improvisational comedy, education and audience participation.

“It’s a provocative look at dating, sex and what goes on with college relationships on campus,” she said.

The show is free and will last about an hour and a half. All of those who attend will receive more information following the performance about the topics in the show and about resources in Portage County for survivors of violence.

Satyshur said this two-person show uses audience reaction to talk about communication between both genders.

“It just creates a comfortable atmosphere where college students will feel comfortable talking about everything that goes along with relationships and dating,” she said.

Eta Sigma Gamma, along with the Portage Council for the Prevention of Violence and the Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom, will be cosponsoring the show.

Colin Dean, president of Eta Sigma Gamma, said the show will address communication, assertiveness and decision-making skills within relationships.

“I think it’ll be beneficial to the entire student body because everyone at one point or another will have to manage relationships, whether those be intimate relationships or social relationships,” he said.

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