1,000 strong for late night RecXtreme

Pamela Crimbchin

Laser tag and N64 bring long lines

Students gather in front of “IRONMAN” an inflatable set up during RecXtreme. Daniel Doherty | Daily Kent Stater

Credit: Ron Soltys

Bucking bulls, racing toilets, shooting lasers and killer dodgeball brought 1,002 students to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Friday night for RecXtreme.

“I think the high point is just seeing everyone having a really good time on all the variety of different things,” said Jason Hawk, interim assistant director of marketing for the rec center. “There (were) really long lines, but that’s a good thing because that means people were really excited to do everything.”

The laser tron arena was the first event of the night to fill. Some students participated in the other events or filled up on the free food, hoping the laser tron would be empty later in the night.

“We ate a lot of food,” junior architecture major Andrew Wahler said. “There’s pretty much a line for everything, so I’m just here with my friends having fun, taking a break.”

Beside the laser tron was the iron man challenge. The challenge was an inflatable obstacle course where students could race their friends or just race for the best time of the night.

“It was fun,” said Kayla Parsons, freshman secondary education major. “It’s something to do when there’s nothing to do.”

Another popular event was the go racers, in which students would race around the upper track on mechanical toilets.

“I got a really big head start, and he still beat me,” said Tara Stoffer, senior fashion merchandising major. “I think it’s a fun thing for us all to do, especially close to finals and exams. It’s just fun to get out and do something different.”

There was also a mechanical bull competition, and the participant who stayed on for the longest time received a prize from Black Squirrel Radio.

“It was a good challenge,” sophomore accounting major Scott Mandau said. “It reminded me of back in my skateboarder days of getting in the balance of things.”

Spectators could also watch ferocious games of extreme dodgeball in the multi-purpose gym. While it was too dangerous to actually enter for an interview, Ben Delacruz, freshman flight technology major, commented while taking a breather from the battle.

“It was awesome,” Delacruz said, “the most intense game here.”

Nintendo Wiis, N64s and Dance Dance Revolution were set up on the racquetball courts so students could play the games life-size. Junior Russian translator Josh King was working the N64 room where students could play Mario Kart 64.

“My friend was just here,” King said. “He’s from Spain, and he said in Europe that you would never have things like this, where all the kids can come up and have like free food free (and) games. So, I think it’s a really positive thing to have that they can appreciate.”

The Adventure Center’s rock climbing wall was also open for students to try.

“It was hard,” said Tricia Ocampo, sophomore medical technology major. “They let me go twice, but I’m just not tall enough for it. I don’t have enough strength for it, but it was fun!”

In the balloon-a-palooza room, students enter a room full of balloons and looked for a balloon with a sticker on it. The students with the shortest time spent in the room won a prize.

“It gets kids to stay on campus and have a good time,” said Kylan Ward, junior psychology major and balloon-a-palooza worker. “I mean, it’s raining outside. What else would you do?”

The rec center’s staff was very pleased and excited about the turnout for RecXtreme and attributes their success to the variety of games available.

“It plays on everyone’s inner child,” Student Marketing Supervisor Ben Langdon said. “So, they really enjoy all the old-school games.”

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