And today I made history

Joe Harrington

So today I made history. As a reporter for the Daily Kent Stater, I have traveled the Midwest covering the Mid-American Conference and men’s basketball team.

I have written the columns that made you laugh, made you mad and made you cry.

But I have never live-blogged before.

That’s right — for the first time ever, debuted a live blog today for the second round of the Mid-American Conference tournament at Quicken Loans Arena.

Here is the best of the day,

Second half of the Western Michigan-Eastern Michigan game

Oh God, the MAC FAN CAM!!!! This is great. Why can’t we have a MAC Cam for every game. Every team would love it, except EMU.

Yes, EMU’s band starts playing Paul Simon’s “You can call me Al.” Too bad they lost, the other bands probably have nothing in store but Gary Glitter and more Blues Brothers.

WHY foul? Why call a timeout, so the Western Band could play “Final countdown?”

Akron game

My Akron insider tells me that the team calls (Akron coach Keith) Dambrot Joe Pesci on the road. If I misspelled Joe’s last name I just want to say that I loved you in My Cousin Vinny, so don’t bash my head in with a baseball bat.


How come the Daily Kent Stater doesn’t get matching sweat pants and hoodies like every basketball team in the MAC?

Looking at you

……… in the middle of my lost train of thought I saw a male cheerleader with a beard almost drop the blonde cheerleader. She rolled her eyes at him in that annoyed way of saying: “I hate cheering with you Grizzly Adams.” It was funny, but like “Mad About You.” That show was great, but you always wondered why Helen Hunt was with Paul Riser because he always made her, well, mad. Kind of like the burly male cheerleader and the good-looking blonde cheerleader.

During the Kent State-Toledo game

LESTER LEFTON IS HERE, STOP THE PRESSES. Sources say he started the night at Flannery’s in Cleveland

Offensive Explosion

Rashad Woods is coming in, he’s awesome

Rashad Woods, one touch, one shot, three points, dare I say offensive explosion

Woods just made a shot from Mars

The game

Kent State is struggling, but not. The second half should be fun. I have no doubt that Kent State will win, but man look impressive!

Mike who?

Mike Scott must have read that article about him in the Stater. He’s got 17 points and no fouls. Yes, that was a Joe Harrington article, not a Doug Gulasy article

Mike Scott is the 24th Kent State player to reach 1,000 points

And finally…

I just realized that I am the ultimate blogger. I have been doing this for a combined 5, maybe six hours. I feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he made fire. Convergence is easy.

Joe Harrington is the assistant sports editor. Contact him at [email protected].