KIC programming director resigns

Brittany Moseley

Kent Interhall Council’s director of programming resigned last week due to personal reasons.

As programming director, Melanie Poinar was in charge of three KIC events, including Lil’ Sibs. Poinar said she resigned because she “no longer felt respected or empowered in the organization.”

“There was ineffective leadership leaving the directors with too much work and not enough help,” Poinar said.

Poinar said another reason she left was because of the downsizing of the executive board this semester.

“It was a misstep in leadership assuming that a smaller number of leaders could put on the same amount of programs,” she said. “Our responsibilities were doubled, tripled in some respects.”

Last semester Poinar was the director of community development, but she stepped up as director of programming when other directors resigned during winter break, she said.

Poinar said she tried to rectify the problems, but it was too late in the semester to make a difference.

She also said she plans to attend KIC programs, but she doesn’t see herself joining KIC again in the future.

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