‘ThinkFast’ for a $200 cash prize

Pamela Crimbchin

The winning team of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center’s ThinkFast game show tomorrow night receives a $200 cash prize.

The game starts at 10:30 p.m. and is free to play. Also, free chips, stromboli, Subway and pop will be provided throughout the night.

ThinkFast is a traveling trivia game show based on teams. Kent State students and their guests can have as many team members as they want. A trivia question will appear on two large projection screens located on the stage.

“Each team answers with their remote, and then people accumulate points through however many questions they get right and however fast they can do it,” Student Marketing Supervisor Ben Langdon said.

The top four teams will compete in the final round for the $200 cash prize. However, the host will be giving out wild cards during the night to other teams. The teams who receive a card will automatically be placed in the final round. That means it is important for all teams to continue participating in the game the entire night.

This is the first ThinkFast event the rec center has hosted, and Langdon said he hopes to have many competitors for the $200 cash prize.

“From our past events this semester, we’re expecting a large turnout, he said. “But with a new event we’ll just wait and see.”

– Pamela Crimbchin