Bagpipers promote Bass ale in Kent, Akron

Douglas Hite

During St. Patrick’s Day, a lot of beer is consumed. And that is no exception for Bass beer, which will be hosting a massive promotional event in Kent tonight. Being a few days before St. Patrick’s Day, the hosts have dubbed this a “St. Practice Day,” in which locals 21 and older can sample Bass beer and partake of black and tans — a St. Patrick’s Day must.

This promotion will feature a series of bagpipers calling themselves Clan Black and Tan, not to be confused with the original Black and Tans who were a brigade of soldiers sent to quell Irish uprisings in the early 1920s. Whereas the original group brought heartache and oppression to Irish people, this band of pipers is bound to play great traditional music and assist in getting everyone around them really, really drunk.

The promotional pipers will be performing downtown at the pavilion on Water and Main at 6 p.m. today. They will then make their way to a free show at the Kent Stage and onto several establishments through town. On Friday, there will be more Bass pipers in Akron, working their way to establishments including the Barley House and The Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth.

Both nights are bound to be massive events with lots of great beer.

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