‘Beauty Shop’ to play in the Kiva this weekend as part of Midnight Movies

Denver Collins

Seen any good movies lately? If not, you may want to check out Midnight Movies in the Kiva this weekend.

Every Friday and Saturday at midnight this semester, Kent Student Center Programming and the All-Campus Programming Board will show a different movie for free on the big screen. The titles include Across the Universe, 300, American Gangster, and classics such as The Shining and Animal House. For a complete list of scheduled movies and dates, check out the fliers posted around the student center, or go to the Kiva.

This weekend, Beauty Shop, a spin-off of Barbershop, will be playing in the Kiva. Queen Latifah’s character, Gina Norris, quits her job after her boss (Kevin Bacon) berates her work. She opens her own shop in a run-down salon and hires a rag-tag team of opinionated stylists, and, naturally, havoc ensues.

Turnout for Superbad and Dazed and Confused the past two weekends has been more than satisfactory, said ACPB President Colleen Birch, and attendance is expected to increase.

“We’re always hoping for more,” she said.

– Denver Collins