Chelsea Clinton to speak on campus today

Jenna Staul

Daughter endorsing mother’s campaign for presidency

Chelsea Clinton will be at Kent State today to stump for her mother’s campaign for presidency.

Clinton will be appearing at the Kent Market II on the second floor of the Student Center from 5:45 to 7 p.m. to endorse her mother, Ohio’s Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

Chelsea has been on the campaign trail with her mother, speaking at other universities, including Ohio State earlier this month, to garner support for her campaign. She will also make an appearance at Youngstown State University tomorrow.

“Ohio is a really important state,” said C.J. Williams, president of the Students for Hillary Clinton, an offshoot of the College Democrats. “She needs every vote she can get. The more votes, the better.”

Students for Hillary, which boasts about 30 members, is sponsoring Chelsea’s stop on campus, which was also facilitated through Clinton’s national campaign. Williams said the event will be a boost for both the Clinton campaign and his organization.

“It’s good for our organization because we are being recognized for the volunteer hours we’ve done with the campaign,” said Williams, who will be introducing Chelsea. “Kent is an important place too. The campus is being recognized.”

Alexis Mundis, a 2007 Kent State graduate and an intern with Hillary’s national campaign, said Kent State is an ideal venue for Chelsea to speak on her mother’s behalf.

“They (students) can definitely come with questions,” Mundis said. “She’s a voice for Hillary, who can’t be everywhere.”

Mundis said Chelsea can help reach out to college-aged voters who are so often associated with her mother’s Democratic opponent, Barack Obama.

“I definitely think she understands the problems of this generation,” Mundis said of Chelsea.

Williams said that Chelsea’s stop will be more intimate than a visit from her mother, adding that she will likely be taking questions from the audience.

“Chelsea will be telling you the same thing Hillary does,” Williams said. “But this will be more of a Q and A. She’ll be answering on behalf of her mom.”

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