USS and KIC meet, discuss lack of student involvement

Jenna Staul

Undergraduate Student Senate once again fielded questions with several members of Kent Interhall Council yesterday, clarifying new USG policies and current meeting procedures.

Avery Danage, KIC director of business operations, suggested to USS that the group’s 4 p.m. meeting time may contribute to the nearly empty governance chamber at meetings.

“I think that it’s an inconvenience,” said Danage. “There are so many students who can’t come.”

Danage suggested that moving the time of the meeting may result in higher student turnout.

Executive director Katie Hale said while the meeting times are changeable, USS prefers to keep them during business hours to accommodate University officials and administrators who the group sometimes advocates to.

“It’s a courtesy for them (University officials),” said Hale. “We have to make ourselves available to commuter students as well.”

The group also discussed Tuesday’s Third Eye Blind Concert, which it deemed a success despite troubling weather conditions.

“We were delighted,” said Hale. “We were concerned with the weather, but in the end the snow was like the icing on the cake.”

– Jenna Staul