Another semester, another new all

Allan Lamb

Hey all! (hehe, all). After weeks of resistance and denial, I, Allan Lamb, accepted my fate of becoming the editor of the all section of the Daily Kent Stater. I began as a correspondent in the Spring of 2005 (back in the Pop Arts days) and later became a reporter. Now I sit as editor, following in the footsteps of those I’ve worked with and under on this section. I feel I am in good company, and I have some very large shoes to fill, especially after last semester when Bob Taylor fulfilled his destiny as all editor.

Now that Mr. Taylor has graduated and moved onto bigger and better things, such as being a published novelist, we will no longer be graced with “TV Time with Bob.” However, TV Time will go on. We, the all staff, will attempt to bring you the latest in television reviews, previews and updates laced with our own admiration and criticism. We will also keep you updated with the current progress, or lack thereof, regarding the Writers Guild of America strike and its effects on television programming quality.

We also plan to give you insights to the latest in movies, music, video games and literature both local and national. Our local focus will introduce you to and familiarize you with the ever-growing arts scenes within your reach and make sure no weekend or free night goes wasted. On a national level, we will continue to give our opinions and insight with movie and album reviews and possibly some exclusive insights with some of your favorite artists and actors.

What’s going to be different this semester?

Well, we plan on giving more of our opinion with more columns commenting on current trends in popular culture. I, the rest of the all staff and even some other Stater folks will rant and rave about the good, bad and ugly products of our culture. Also, we plan to expand our experiment that began last semester known as “All the Classics,” which brought a fresh perspective on some of our old favorites.

Are you sick of American movies and music?

Fear not. Other countries produce some amazing things in the worlds of cinema and music, and we will attempt to catch as much of that as possible under our radar.

Not sure what to watch or listen to?

The all section is your eccentric, pretentious friend who likes weird stuff nobody’s ever heard of but is convinced that the world should love. We plan to introduce some music, movies and literature that you can brag to your friends about being a fan of before it was popular.

Tired of ignoring Facebook application invitations and tainting your browser with smutty porn URLs?

We will attempt to give you some alternative ways to spend your time on the Web, such as funny videos and cool new sites to check out.

Bipitty, bip, bap! That’s all folks! Have a good semester. Enjoy.

Allan Lamb is the all editor for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].