Students spring into semester resolutions

Rebecca Mohr

Photo illustration by Caitlin Prarat | Daily Kent Stater

Credit: Ron Soltys

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. The most common ones seem to be getting organized, losing weight and finding a better job.

What about students? They might be setting some of the same resolutions, but the majority are focusing on how to make the next semester more worthwhile.

Kent State students are no different. Spring semester resolutions are being made everywhere around campus. Those little things that might have been fixed or prevented last semester are now the main goals for their resolutions.

“I want to go to class more,” sophomore pre-business major Abby Kondas said. “I skipped sociology a lot last semester. Sometimes it’s just a laziness factor.”

Setting spring semester resolutions is sometimes a difficult thing, but sticking to them may prove to be even harder.

“I scheduled my classes better this semester,” Kondas said.ÿ”Last semester I had a lot of evening and later classes. That made it easier to skip. This semester I scheduled them earlier in the day. That’s how I scheduled them last spring semester, and I did better.”

Keeping a spring semester resolution may be a lot harder without a reminder.

“A suggestion would be to keep written reminders,” junior English major Tony Chacon said. “Visual reminders help me a lot.”

Even with different ways to keep resolutions, students are still changing things they did last semester.

“My semester resolution is to get things done early,” Chacon said. “If I start on the day they are given, that should work. I wish I had procrastinated less last semester. It would have saved me a lot of grief.”

Another common spring semester resolution is time management.

“I wish I could have prepared a lot better in one of my classes,” said Andre Dennison, junior music education major. “I want to try to do better and work hard at what I do.”

Everyone struggles with change, and many students may falter in achieving resolutions.

“Every now and then we stumble and have to pick ourselves up again to get back on track on whatever goal we are trying to achieve,” Dennison said.

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