Writing Center move to library on hold until summer

Anna Duszkiewicz

The Writing Center may not begin operating on the fourth floor of the library until this summer, the center’s director, Jeanne Smith, said.

Smith said the contract is supposed to go out to bid next month, and by a conservative estimate, the move will take place in April.

“If it’s early in April I might actually consider taking a wild chance and doing the move while we tutor,” she said.

Smith said it’s hard for her to imagine moving toward the end of the semester.

“Our priority is to make sure that the tutors get to work with the students,” she said, “And if that means we can’t do the physical move until we’re done tutoring, then that’s what we’re going to do.”

Barbara Schloman, associate dean of library and media services, said she thinks the design work for the center’s new home is done, and she expects construction to start mid-spring.

She said by state requirements the contract will go out for bid so contractors can bid on it, get the best price and start construction.

Schloman said she is looking forward to the move.

“We’re anxious to have (the Writing Center) in the building,” she said.

She said it’s going to be a great opportunity for referrals.

“When we’re working with students on the first floor and helping them find information for their papers, we’ll be able to say, ‘if you have questions about writing the paper, go upstairs to the fourth floor,'” Schloman said.

Smith said there are many reasons for the upcoming move. She said there is an increasing demand for the Writing Center’s services.

“People from outside the English department are using it a lot more,” she said.

Right now the center, located on the third floor of Satterfield Hall, is the size of a small classroom.

Smith said the new location will be more accommodating to the center’s purposes.

The new location will also make it easier to find, she said.

“At least once a week, all semester long, someone calls me and asks where Satterfield Hall is,” she said.

She said a lot of people don’t know where Satterfield is, but not many have trouble finding the library.

Smith said she thinks the move will benefit students.

“It will be nice for students not to have to go all over campus to get help,” she said. “It will all be in one place.”

She said there may be some confusion about the Writing Center right now.

“We’re still here, we’re still operating, uninterrupted service,” she said, “I promise.”

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