Fashion Sense

Robert Checkal

When asked why men’s clothes were more difficult to find at both trendy and affordable styles, junior biology major Steve Bittl said, “(Men) come in all shapes and sizes and women do not.”

All jokes aside, there is definitely more to be investigated when it comes to locating the true source of the lack of diversity and style in most men’s mainstream fashion today. Different body types are rarely accounted for and when going to most shops in the mall, it’s not uncommon to find the store’s logo plastered all over the clothes for which you’ve just overpaid. There are exceptions, but for the most part, finding men’s fashion that isn’t mass-crafted in a factory with no regard to the bodies it aims to clothe, is a difficult task.

Not to mention, few are crafting desirable styles for men.

“No one bothers to change things up through time,” said Shawn Geise, senior fashion design major.

With that theory in place, we can safely assume that most market strategists assume wives and mothers are still doing all of the shopping for their husbands or sons who have no regard to what they happen to be wearing.

However, there is an ever-growing demand for trendy male fashion that is changing everything. Target just recently released their first guest-designer line for men, which until now has only been a privilege given to the ladies, and H&M is sending its menswear into a larger number of stores.

It’s not always easy finding men’s fashion that’s not only trendy, but affordable. So I did the homework for you. Here are three outfits for under $100 to keep you looking fashionable without having to re-work that budget of yours.

Being a male interested in good fashion is on the rise. With more men looking to dress in today’s trends, it’s hard to deny the market is out there. The best part of knowing that the market is there is finding the stores who are tapping into it with the most affordable, yet stylish, designs.