Energy conservation contestants reach their competition midterm

Caitlin Saniga

A midterm meter reading taken last night revealed the current ranking of teams in the ongoing energy conservation competition among Kent State’s residence halls.

The competition, which began Oct. 15 and ends Nov. 13, is an effort by Residence Services and Campus Environment and Operations to raise energy awareness among students.

Thomas Dunn, associate director of Campus Environment and Operations, calculated the rankings after his staff conducted the meter readings. The results show that a majority of teams decreased energy consumption.

“I’m pretty excited about the results so far,” he said, “but the goal is to sustain them.”

While most teams decreased energy consumption, several teams increased consumption.

Marijean Benedik, assistant director of Residence Services, had some advice for these teams.

“Just be aware of where you’re at in the standings and try to make a conscious effort,” she said. “I know it’s hard to get into the habit, but once you do, it’s easy.”


1. Centennial courts A-F

2. Twin Towers

3. Prentice, Dunbar, Verder and Engleman halls

4. Lake and Olson halls

5. Tri-Towers and Korb Hall

6. Eastway

7. Stopher and Johnson halls

8. Allerton Apartments

9. Small Group

For specific energy consumption contest data, check the Residence Services Web


Source: Thomas Dunn

The fact is, the competition isn’t over yet. And even then, becoming energy-conscious isn’t about short-term change.

“We’re trying to change a culture here,” Dunn said. “It’s not going to happen this month. It’s not going to happen this year. But over time, it will.”

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