KSU-NAACP to discuss hip-hop culture

Christina Stavale

Music can empower a community, and at tonight’s meeting, KSU-NAACP will aim to figure out what kind of music the black community wants to use to define itself.

Executive board members will lead the discussion “Hip-hop: Is it Dead or Alive?” at 7:30 tonight in the Student Center Governance Chambers.

“We want a true answer,” KSU-NAACP President Preston Mitchum said. “We’re not trying to change any opinions.”

He said the discussion will focus on where hip-hop has gone, and how the media can have the ability “to oversaturate and oversensationalize certain events.”

The discussion is open to everyone.

“I think anyone who thinks that music can affect people positively or negatively should attend,” Mitchum said.

– Christina Stavale