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Elizabeth Rund

Vending machines now offer “Better Choice” snacks for students who crave a little something between classes. Snacking can be healthy, and the more options the better. REBECCA MOIDEL | DAILY KENT STATER

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What happens when noon rolls around and your stomach is growling uncontrollably? Grab a quick snack, of course.

According to and the Mayo Clinic, snacking can actually be part of a healthy diet. Snacking, when hungry, can reduce the amount of food eaten when it comes time to have a full meal.

Dominique Tyson, junior communication studies major, agreed.

“When I do have a snack I am not as hungry later,” Tyson said. “I have something in my stomach.”

Tyson said that she doesn’t really buy anything from vending machines; instead she buys snacks from the stores with her meal plan and puts them into her bag.

“Chips or fruit snacks, like Fruit Roll-Ups, maybe a candy bar sometimes,” Tyson said are some of the things she snacks on.

Even though college campuses are full of students notorious for snacking on greasy and calorie-laden foods, there is still some hope for students who want to stay healthy.

According to, one college has started to offer a snack bag with healthy treats like fruit cups, low-fat cookies, baked chips and water, in its cafeterias. The college found that for every two bags with sugar filled snacks sold, one healthy snack bag was sold.

A few healthy snacks

• Low-fat popcorn

• Fruit and low-fat granola mixed with fat-free plain yogurt

• High-fiber, low-sugar cereal

• A tablespoon of peanut butter on a cracker

• A handful of almonds


Freshman fashion merchandising major Bethany Clark is among those students who snack healthy.

Clark said that she really doesn’t snack between classes, but rather she waits until the class is over to go to Eastway or back to her dorm to eat.

When Clark does snack, she enjoys a variety of foods including apricots and soup.

“I like fruit or muffins,” Clark said.

To stay healthy, the Mayo Clinic recommends eating whole grain snacks like pretzels, fruits, nuts and seeds to feel full and increase energy.

For those in need of a quick bite, but don’t want something from a vending machine, there are snack carts and stands set up all over campus.

Eddie Zgonc, a senior animation major who works at the Jazzman’s Café stand on the first floor of the library, said that cookies are always big sellers.

Actually, the stand that boasts ‘coffee and all that jazz,’ tends to sell more sweet treats on certain days of the week.

“It’s weird, but I sell more bakery stuff on Fridays,” Zgonc said.

Zgonc adds that mornings are usually the busiest times of the day.

“When we open there are always lines of people who want coffee,” he said.

Whatever the preference, don’t worry, snack happy.

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