Thanksgiving at your fingertips

Megan Rozsa

Who doesn’t love a huge turkey or ham dinner? Who loves paying a lot for it? No one. Once again, I’ve done the dirty work for you to compare Thanksgiving feasts, whether it’s already prepared from Bob Evans or you’re making it from scratch. Here are the facts:

Pieces & Parts

I compared Giant Eagle and Acme to find the cheaper piece by piece items to prepare a wholesome, made-from-scratch meal.


Giant Eagle: Nature’s Basket whole turkey $1.99 per pound

Acme: Acme whole turkey $.69 per pound


Giant Eagle: Giant Eagle pre-glazed $2.69 per pound, Giant Eagle honey ham $2.69 per pound, Sugardale semi-boneless $1.99 per pound.

Acme: Acme spiral sliced $2.29 per pound, Acme boneless $2.79 per pound.


Giant Eagle: Idaho 10-pound bag $2.19

Acme: Idaho 10-pound bag $1.99


Giant Eagle: $1 for two pounds (sold individually)

Acme: $.69 per pound (sold individually)


Giant Eagle: 12-count dinner rolls $2.59 (fresh from bakery)

Acme: 24-count dinner rolls $3.79 (fresh from bakery)


Giant Eagle: Country Crock 15-ounce $1.59

Acme: Country Crock 15-ounce $1.69


Giant Eagle: Heinz 18-ounce turkey gravy $2.19

Acme: Heinz 18-ounce turkey gravy $2.79

Cranberry sauce:

Giant Eagle: Ocean Spray cranberries $1.59

Acme: Ocean Spray cranberries $1.59

Sweet potatoes:

Giant Eagle: Giant Eagle 1.3-pound can $1.50

Acme: Acme 2-pound can $1.88

Green beans:

Giant Eagle: Giant Eagle 14.5-ounce can $.50

Acme: Food Club 14.5-ounce can $.69


Giant Eagle: Giant Eagle 15.25-ounce can $.79

Acme: Food Club 15.25-ounce can $.69

Boxed mashed potatoes:

Giant Eagle: Giant Eagle five-serving $1.09

Acme: Food Club 20-serving $1.99


Giant Eagle: Kraft Stove Top $1

Acme: Kraft Stove Top $1.79

Fresh Pies:

Giant Eagle: Pumpkin pie: $5.99, Cherry pie: $8.99, Apple pie: $8.99

Acme: Pumpkin pie: $5.99, Cherry pie: $8.99, Apple pie: $7.99

Ice cream:

Giant Eagle: Giant Eagle brand vanilla $3.99

Acme: Acme brand vanilla $3.89

Whipped Cream:

Giant Eagle: 8-ounce Cool Whip $1.49

Acme: 8-ounce Cool Whip $.89

Conclusion: Acme is cheaper this time around. In most cases, you get more food for less money, like mashed potatoes and turkey.

The Easy Way Out

For already-prepared meals you pre-order and pick-up, I looked at Bob Evans, Giant Eagle, Acme and Honeybaked Ham.

Bob Evans

Price: $74.99

Includes: Slow-roasted whole boneless turkey breast, bread and celery dressing, homestyle mashed potatoes, buttered sweet corn, green beans with ham, cranberry relish, gravy, rolls, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and whipped topping.

Honeybaked Ham

Price: $71.95

Includes: 2.5 pounds of sliced and glazed roasted turkey breast, 35-ounce potatoes au gratin, 32-ounce green bean casserole and Kern’s Derby-Pie.

Giant Eagle

Price: $69.99

Includes: 10-12 pounds fully cooked Honeysuckle White turkey, two and a half pounds of home-style stuffing, three pounds of mashed potatoes, three pounds of yams and apples, three pounds of green bean-mushroom casserole, one pound of cranberry-orange relish, three pounds of turkey gravy, a dozen dinner rolls and a pumpkin pie.


Price: $59.99

Includes: 10-12-pound fresh cooked honeysuckle turkey or 4-5-pound Acme Fresh Market boneless rotisserie turkey breast, three pounds of homestyle stuffing, one pound of cranberry relish, three pounds of mashed potatoes, two pounds of turkey gravy, two pounds of fresh green bean casserole, two pounds of fresh candied yams, a dozen butterflake croissant rolls and your choice of one pumpkin or apple pie.

Conclusion: Acme is still the cheapest place to get your Thanksgiving dinner on.

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